NOTE TO BOYS: you are likely not going to enjoy this post. You’ve been warned. No “blech, gross” comments, please.

CityMama had a nice post recently on using one’s calendar to reflect on the year just past. This made me think several things:

1. Where the heck is last year’s calendar, anyway?

2. Did I leave that gift certificate I bought at the auction last year in the pocket of last year’s calendar?

3. I did. Shit. I lost the gift certificate I overpaid for at last year’s auction. Awesome.

4. I am such a crappy calendar keeper.

Then Stefania got to this part:

Slashes slice across days as they are used up, lines with arrows at the end go across any days we have visitors or go out of town. Hearts adorn family birthdays and anniversaries. Inconspicuous dots mark the days when it’s “red tent time.”

(Emphasis added.)  This made me think the following:

1. My mother always told me to do that.

2. Come to think of it, so did one of my roommates.

3. I don’t do that, and my mom is usually right about things.  Crap.  I am a bad menstruator.  (Yeah, I said “menstruator.”  Deal.)

4. Why the hell would I do that?  (Let’s assume for the sake of this question that we’re not currently using the rhythm method)

It’s this last question with which I need help.  I somehow now am managing to feel guilty about not doing something whose purpose I don’t even understand.  Do you do this?  Should I?  And please, someone tell me why I should do this.  Because I’m concerned I’m screwing up my womanhood or something.