I am leaving in about half an hour to go to my five year college reunion. I liked college. I liked where I went to college a whole lot. I even liked most of the people in college. But for some reason, even though I liked college and am looking forward to catching up with people, I’m feeling a little ambivalent about the whole thing. There will need to be gin and tonics. And also maybe some scotch.

Despite my ambivalence, the reunion is kind of appealing because it is in California where, unless things are really out of whack, it probably did not snow this morning. This is in contrast to, say, here, where it snowed HARD this morning. October 12. Middle of October. Not yet Halloween. Snow. WTF? I kept wanting to ask the little snowflakes if they were lost and if perhaps they would like directions to someplace that wants them, like Alaska.

So anyway, I’m going to a reunion. Wish me luck. Anyone have any good college reunion stories to get me in the mood?