I suck at this meme thing, because I’m so bored thinking about what’s in my closet I can hardly bear to type it, let alone subject you to it, but then I remembered that I always enjoy reading these when other people do them, so I’d better sack up. Thanks to SamJo for giving me my first tag! I’m flattered.

Five items in my freezer:

I do not currently have a freezer (see “teeny tiny shitty apartment,” below). Thanks for rubbing that in. Stupid meme. But I will try to remember things that are in my lovely freezer in my lovely kitchen in my lovely apartment in Chicago. Sniffle.

  1. A carton of Ben and Jerry’s coffee toffee that’s so close to empty its not worth eating, but over which John and I have nonetheless reached an impasse as neither of us wants to throw it away because that would be wasting food
  2. Half a baguette
  3. Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries
  4. Basil ice cubes
  5. Mojito sorbet

Five items in the closet:

  1. Tupperware box of knitting supplies
  2. Red feather boa from bachelorette party
  3. 47 unworn flannel nightgowns given to me by my grandmother for every birthday, Christmas, Easter, Arbor Day, etc since I was 10.
  4. Pair of hipster jeans stolen from little sister.
  5. Two Frisbees; one dog-chewed, one not.

Five items in my car:

  1. two empty diet Pepsi cans.
  2. my employment law textbook
  3. my constitutional law textbook
  4. an old parking ticket (oops)
  5. a well worn Road Atlas

Five items in my backpack:

  1. A book for my morning commute
  2. Two Wild Sweet Orange teabags
  3. Flip flops
  4. Moleskine notebook I’m using to try to break my bad habit of writing down terribly important pieces of information on scraps of paper that inevitably get lost
  5. Bodyglide (it prevents blisters, pervs.)

Five people I tag:

Um, I’m really no good at tagging. I also suck at chain letters, petitions I’m meant to pass on through the internet, and returning phone calls. But if this speaks to you and you’d like to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.