Regular readers will remember that I have had some trouble with my sublet, a crazy lady who could not decide when she was leaving New York and who cheerfully kept my $850 deposit hostage while I inquired politely and then cajoled and then abandoned all dignity and begged for her to finalize things. We’d finally got it all sorted out, and then today, as I arrived home from a nice weekend in Michigan (more on that later,) I discover this email in my box:

Subject: URGENT re: sublet


Something has come up and I will be unable to rent you the apartment since I need to stay in New York for August. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding something else. Forward me your address and I’ll send your check back.


Stark raving crazy bitch

WHAT? I am arriving in New York in six days and I HAVE NO PLACE TO LIVE. So! If you live in New York, or know someone who does, and might be interested in having a charming law student blogger crash on your couch, feel free to email pseudostoops (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have a new place! It’s the size of a laundry basket and it technically has no air conditioning and not really a closet either and I suspect that I won’t be doing all that much cooking on the teeny tiny stove, but it’s in a fun neighborhood, available for exactly the dates I need it, and cheaper than my last place. Best of all, I know this one won’t fall through: it’s currently occupied by a law student studying for the bar, and if there’s anyone who is going to leave town and go on vacation, come hell or high water, it’s a law student who has just finished the bar exam. Hooray for craigslist!