1. I wear flip flops. After a long day of working in business casual shoes, my feet want to flop freely, if you will. (I actually sort of love the business casual shoes part of business casual dress code, because allows me to buy fun high heels and not have John bitch and moan that they make me too tall and make him look short by comparison because, hey! He doesn’t work with me!) But flip flops are for amateurs at places like this. Girls who make the scene wear high heels in colors like red patent leather. They also get into clubs after dinner that choose to forbid entry to me becuase of my inappropriately clad feet. That’s right, folks! The law firm went to the club and I GOT SENT HOME FOR INAPPROPRIATE DRESS. Hot.

2. I left my mirror and razor blade at home. Okay, so I have seen my fair share of drug use in my day, having hung with a stoner crowd at college in California and having worked in a mountain resort in Colorado where drugs were just part of the package, but I have never officially seen the classic, cliche, woman hovered over a counter in the bathroom doing lines thing until last night. I all of a sudden have a searing insight into why these red-patent-leather-pump-clad women are stick skinny.

3. I will not shoot Patron Silver. Period. I will sip it, because it is that good. Call me a snob if you must, but there you have it.