I’m halfway through the law firm portion of my summer (t-minus three weeks until New York!) and I had my “midsummer review” on Friday. It didn’t even occur to me to be nervous about it until afterwards one of my friends said, in sort of a hushed tone, “how was it?”

It was fine. They like my work fine, like me fine, things are “on track.” “On track” seems good, I guess, though it seems unlikely that I’ll ever take an offer from them. Not because I don’t like the people (I do! Much more than I expected! Some of them even appear to have senses of humor! Who knew?) but because I am more convinced than ever that I’d prefer working in public interest. The imbroglio just got his Montana public defender job (I am VERY JEALOUS of all people who get to do what they love and live in Montana!) and though I probably won’t be going pd job next year, I find it reassuring when I hear of someone else who took the risk and passed up the easy jobs to wait for the right public interest job and it works out for them and they get the job they want. It seems like everything will be okay with job-finding when I hear stories like that, even though it would be so much easier to just take a firm offer and a firm salary and never really have to sweat it.

In this vein of trying to find the right job and the right thing, I have a question for you, internets. I’m toying with a couple of different options for fall term internships. I planned to continue working with the clinic, and will hopefully get to represent client or clienette in court, which will be awesome. But two other opportunities have come up, and I can’t decide what to do. One is to intern at the state appellate defender’s office, working with the death penalty team, which would be cool and unlike anything I’ve done before and thus very good for gathering information on the different kinds of criminal defense work out there. The other is to work as an intern in the public housing public interest firm I worked with last summer, where I’m seriously considering applying for a fellowship when I graduate. I’d get more time with my potential future coworkers, and could get a better sense of the kind of work I’d be doing if I went to work there full time. I cannot do all three of these things. I have to make some choices.

SO, my choices are:

a) work in the clinic only and maybe have a little free time once in a while to give myself a pedicure or, you know, sleep
b) work in the clinic and the state appellate defender’s office and help work on death penalty appeals
c) work in the clinic and the public housing law firm and further develop my understanding of one of the city’s lowest-functioning bureaucracies (the housing authority, not the firm!)
d) some other arrangement I haven’t though of

I really want to know what you think, because I’m thinking myself in circles on this one. Please vote in comments. Merci.