So I am not built for take-home exams. Here, “take-home” means “go lock yourself in the library and turn this in in eight hours.” Sweet. I have an attention span that is approximately one hour long. I can stretch it to three hours during a time-pressured in-class exam, but an eight-hour take home? Not so much. I finished typing in four hours, seriously considered sending it in without proofreading it, thought better of it, went downstairs and shot the shit for an hour, listened to the Joe Purdy music I have on my computer twice, made a shopping list, read some blogs, and am now trying again to edit the damn thing but am blogging instead. I’d tell you about the actual exam, but that would be a problem because some people still have yet to take it and who KNOWS who’s reading this shit.

3 hours to go. Definitely going to turn it in in about 25 minutes. Can’t take this.