So, I may or may not be addicted to a blog called Vegan Lunch Box, run by a wonderful stay at home mom who makes her super adorable kid a homemade vegan lunch every day to take to school and then takes a picture of it to share with the internets. This woman manages to do things with beans, soy, and textured vegetable protein that we mere vegetarians can only dream about. (I am not hard core enough to be vegan. I could never live without cheese. Or butter. Or ice cream. Also, did I mention cheese? I’m not even that good a vegetarian. I recently ate a duck taco. I’m starting to ramble now.)

Ahem. Sorry. Right! I had a point! And that point is: Vegan Entree Loaf. Seriously, I could try to explain it, but it’s best you just see it for yourself. So many choices! So many odd ingredients! And a worksheet! Which is your favorite combination?