Remind me, the next time I am tempted to go to any alumni event at Teach for America (“alumni dinner,” “alumni roundtable,” “alumni networking night”, etc.):

I hate these events. They make me crabby. I act snotty at them. I come home annoyed. When I am thinking of going to another one of these things in a few months and you remind me of this, and I protest, and try to argue that perhaps this alumni event will be the one that will be fulfilling, and useful, and life-affirming, remind me of the following two tidbits from last night’s “Annual Alumni Dinner”:

“Law? How could you ever think to choose law after teaching? What value do lawyers add?” (Thanks! I feel really defensive now! Would you like to hear all about Client? Or my summer foster care work and my last summer public housing work? F you!)

and, my personal favorite:

“We in the Chicago office are excited and thrilled to be at the start of a major growth initiative, one that will place 30 Teach for America people in principleships by 2010 and which will continue to be a valuable source of support for this city’s most entrepreneurial schools.
(I guess the kids at traditional, non-entrepreneurial schools are shit outta luck.)

Also, who knew there were so many gin-and-tonic drinking Future Country Club Members of America in TFA? I’d kinda forgotten!