is running a story under the headline “Curious Development.” What do you think it’s about?

No, it’s not about an ongoing contract saga between an NBA player and a team manager.
Nope, it’s not about a weird pitch that turned into a grand slam at a baseball came.
It’s not about a football player’s recovery from serious knee surgery, either.

No, this story is not actually about sports. Instead, it’s a story about the fact that the woman who has accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape also filed a rape charge once before. In 1996. Ten years ago. A full decade. So long ago (and when she was a minor!) that it didn’t turn up when defense attorneys asked for records of any prior contacts with the police and so the dilligent reporters at the Associated Press had to go looking for it on their own.

A defense attorney for the players was quick to go on the record about this new development, pointing out that it raises “real issues” about her credibility and has requested a hearing “to determine if the complaining witness is even credible enough to provide reliable testimony” after this news has come to light. Riiiiiight. Because everyone knows you can’t get raped twice! It’s like lightning! So she must be lying! Or she has a long history of making unfounded rape claims! A decade apart! In totally different circumstances! So she must be making it up!

The woman, says the article, has disconnected her phone.

“Curious development.” Jesus. I feel ill.