After the coldest first three weeks of December on record, we’ve been experiencing weirdly warm (50 degrees anyone?) weather for the past three days. This has resulted in: (a) a not-white Christmas, (b) soggy soggy soggy, and (c) the discovery of unbelievable volumes of dog poop on the sidewalk.

People! Just because there was snow on the ground does not mean you had permission to look the other way when doggy did his business on the sidewalk. Do you know why? Because now, with our weirdly warm weather and the snow melting away the poop hiding places, we are left to discover all of those little parcels and they are (b) soggy soggy soggy! So gross. Manners, people. Seriously.

In other news, I have written 7 pages of my paper today, only two days after Christmas. I might just finish this thing yet.