I realize it is boring to blog about the weather, but oh. my. goodness. it is cold! Who needs a white Christmas when you can have a subzero Christmas!

Penny needed a tuneup and a computer reprogram this morning, which took approximately forever, so I camped in a coffee shop and read about the right to counsel for deadbeat dads being held in contempt for failure to pay child support. I’ve been putting off this reading for over a week now, knowing that I ought write a paper before the break is over and I’m back to crazy schedule, but being unable to quite buckle down and do it.

In that way, writing papers with no defined due date is a lot like packing for a move: it will take as long as you give it. Start 4 weeks in advance of your move date and you’ll still be packing as the truck company is calling you to ask when you’re returning that U-Haul already. Start writing a paper a month before your professor will start asking pointed questions and you’ll still be in the late research to early drafting stage when he starts asking the aformentioned pointed quesitons. You’ll just have read an average of one case a day for thirty days instead of thirty cases in one day.

But this paper will be done by the new year. Honest. I swear.