The thing is, I hate blogs. An ex-boyfriend of mine is currently travelling the world, blogging as he goes, and I actively mocked him when he describted his vision of “creating a chronicle of the grown he expexts to gain through the experience” through blogging. (In retrospect, the mocking might have to do with it being so totally in keeping with his ridiculous tendency to overinflate the importance of things, and not to do with the blog per se, but it was the blog I chose to make fun of.)

Here’s the pisser: I read the damn travelling the world blog compulsively. In fact, there’s an ever-growing list of blogs that I read compulsively. (Weirdly, many of them fall into the “mommyblog” category, because those women are fucking hillarious to me, even though I don’t have children. Should I be concerned? More pertinently, should realstoops be double-checking our contraceptive methods?)

But I love reading blogs. Or at least, well-written blogs. So this one, being not well-written, probably won’t ever see the light of day, or at least won’t for a long time. But it’s worth a shot.

I anticipate that this blog will be sort of a nice hybrid between law school antics (the place is teeming with stories dying to be told. TEEMING) and newlywed hilarity. To wit:

pseudostoops: sweet pea, let’s go see a movie tonight
realstoops: what’s playing?
p: lots of stuff. (lists stuff) what do you think?
r: well, i would see x, or y, or z
p: i think you’re forgetting harry potter.
r: and, obviously, harry potter.
p: good! you want to see it too! it’s at 8.
r: i’m getting some kind of “best husband ever” award, right?
p: only if you agree with me at the end that it was an excellent film
r: man, i have to call it a film now?

love him.